Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MudBox Dinosaur Tutorials

I will not be here the afternoon of May 10th.  Please continue to work through the tutorials listed below.

Here are the names of all the tutorials you are to complete by Friday May 13th:
  1. Artists Guide to Mudbox: Sculpting Basics
  2. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Working With Sculpt Layers
  3. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Materials and Textures
  4. Artists Guide to Mudbox:On Target
  5. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Painting Basics
  6. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Working With Multiple Paint Layers
  7. Artists Guide to Mudbox: Using the Dry Brush
I will be grading your Dinosaurs on Monday May 16th.

I will not be here on Friday May 13th - so make sure you get completely done with the Dinosaur and be kind to your guest teacher.

We will discuss your final project on Monday as well.

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