Monday, May 16, 2011

Semester Final Project

Today we start on the final project for the class.

You will make a character in MudBox and import it into 3DSMax where you will create a 45 second animation featuring your character.

  • You must make a new model in MudBox (you can't use the dinosaur and your model has to have a body - arms, legs, etc...)
  • Texture and paint your model
  • Use the pose tools to make bones and joints for your character
  • Import your character into 3DSMax
  • Create a 45 second animation which features your character.
On the Area website you will find tutorials for the pose tools and importing to 3DSMax.  Please use these to help you complete the project.
Make sure your animation tells a story - don't make it a random series of movements.

  • You will be graded on effort and how well you followed the requirements listed above.
  • You need to have your character's model done by Friday May 20th as I will be taking a summative grade that day.  This means that your model has to be textured, painted, and posed by Friday.
  • A formative grade will be taken on Friday May 27th based on how much of your animation is complete.  Your goal is 30 seconds by the 27th.
  • A final formative will be taken on Wednesday June 1st (3rd Period) and Thursday June 2nd (4th Period).  This will be for reaching the goal of 45 seconds of animation.
  • Your completed project will be graded during class time on June 1st for 3rd Period and June 2nd for 4th Period as your Semester Final Test Grade.
We have a lot of work to get done over the next two weeks so stay on task and give it your best!

I am available for tutoring most days before and after school if you need some extra time.  Check with me first to make sure I will be here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MudBox Dinosaur Tutorials

I will not be here the afternoon of May 10th.  Please continue to work through the tutorials listed below.

Here are the names of all the tutorials you are to complete by Friday May 13th:
  1. Artists Guide to Mudbox: Sculpting Basics
  2. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Working With Sculpt Layers
  3. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Materials and Textures
  4. Artists Guide to Mudbox:On Target
  5. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Painting Basics
  6. Artists Guide to Mudbox:Working With Multiple Paint Layers
  7. Artists Guide to Mudbox: Using the Dry Brush
I will be grading your Dinosaurs on Monday May 16th.

I will not be here on Friday May 13th - so make sure you get completely done with the Dinosaur and be kind to your guest teacher.

We will discuss your final project on Monday as well.